Organizational Conflict Audit® (OCA)


Organizational Conflict Audit® (OCA)

Team building

Once conflict has been resolved we can start building on team renewal. It is here that productivity; quality, innovation, trust and commitment are re-established.  Team building is paramount to establishing group commitment to shared values and creating synergy.  Synergy is the zenith of team building, where the team is stronger together than apart. Teams that reach this level bring immense value to the organization by displaying innovation and creativity that propels the business forward.

Workplace Assessments and Group Interventions

Unresolved or poorly resolved problems and conflicts within teams have far-reaching consequences on the well being of the organization as a whole. Early intervention is critical to successful outcomes and the restoration of a healthy and productive environment.

If you are noticing a decline in productivity in a team or section of your organization; if you are receiving a steady stream of complaints from employees or clients; are experiencing a higher than normal rate of turnover among your staff; chances are the team is suffering from conflict, or other related problems are undermining the team’s spirit.

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