Organizational Analysis


Organizational Analysis


Aventine Group offers mediation services to help address interpersonal conflict and conflict within team environments.  Mediation offers a safe place to have a difficult conversation.  Our skilled mediators will always focus on the problem and not the person. Mediated sessions solve problems allowing for personal growth, good mediation sessions allow all parties to see the conflict from the others perspective and understand where the conflict arose and how to deal with similar conflicts in the future. Leaving both parties feeling heard and understood with tools for ways forward.  The power of mediation cannot be underestimated in organizations. 


Mergers and acquisitions, business partnerships, and contracting all require negotiations.  Aventine Group offers your organization ethical negotiations based on best practices that will offer you the best scenario. There is always a way to have a win/win and best outcomes – you just have to be creative, strategic and know when to compromise and when to hold fast.  Aventine Group will support your organization to be the best in can be and unleash its greatest potential in the best way possible.


Aventine Group offers facilitation services to help with strategic planning sessions, team retreats, team building and a variety of other sessions.   Facilitators are neutral participants in the process and their goal is to help the group effectively meet the objective of the process.  They help manage discussion by ensuring that all parties are heard and that when the conversation stalls it can be framed in a way to stimulate further discussion and brainstorming.

Aventine Group helps you to design your facilitated sessions to best meet your organizational need.  We help you craft the facilitated session, execute the session and then we provide you with take away materials (reports, charter) from the session to help you go forward.

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