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August 7, 2016
Ottawa Board of Trade – Capital Mag
March 18, 2021

Leadership Paradigm

To truly understand the essence of what Aventine is trying to accomplish we must look at how we see leadership.

Traditionally, leadership has been about a top down hierarchal structure, or one person ahead of the other or ahead of the curve.  Usually with fixed criteria, such as financial determinates of success.   That’s just power dynamics, which is not leadership, but we have been conditioned to think that it  is leadership.  But what if leadership didn’t happen in a top down approach, what if leadership happened between people.  What if the essence of leadership transmits itself through interaction as a relational practice?  If you start seeing it in that framework, you see that all sorts of patterns foster and appear.  Because there is a co-creation happening, and something new comes out of that in that space.

Everyone is important in the process of leadership and transformation of the organization.  The health of an organization requires that it is never static but always dynamic.  That is why we focus heavily on interpersonal conflict and conflict in the established workflow processes.  We understand that the true value is between individuals that are supported by a functional system.

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